Hydro Global

Hydroglobal Private Limited is a registered company in Republic of Maldives since 09th March 2014, dedicated to catering for Swimming Pool, Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment & Waste Management fields. Today we represent many world-renowned Brands in Maldives. Our challenge is to develop and strengthen our presence in this competitive market, positioning us at the highest level in terms of Quality, Innovation and Service.


We put our effort into everything we do, prioritizing respect for the environment. Which is why most of our products are Eco-Friendly, optimizing energy consumption to maximize respect for the environment. At the same time, all our water chemicals are in highest purities & qualities with minimal environmental hazards.

Our Major Products & Services areas include,



  • Pool Chemicals,
  • Cleaning Equipment,
  • Safety Equipment,
  • Water Analysis/ Testing Equipment,
  • Pool Pumps,
  • Pool Lights,
  • Pool Filters, multiport valves and filter media,
  • Pool surrounds, basin Equipment & water features,
  • Pool tiles, adhesives and sealants,
  • High quality valves & fittings.



  • RO Chemicals,
  • Wastewater Chemicals,
  • Boiler / Cooling treatment chemicals,
  • Water Filters, multiport valves and filter media,
  • RO / UF Membranes,
  • Pumps,
  • Cartridges & housings,
  • Sewage Pumps,
  • Centrifugal pumps,
  • Diesel Transfer pumps



  • Waste compactors, Glass Crushers & wood chippers,
  • Incinerators,
  • Composting systems


Over the years, Hydroglobal has sailed all over the world to bring the most innovative, yet most efficient products to Maldives, making us pioneer in the fields we represent.

Our edge in the market is the continuous after sales support and equip the client with knowledge to understand and run their systems with less hassles with continuous engagement with them with water testing, trainings, and awareness. 

We deliver value-added products that save water and energy, easy to use and fulfill sustainability at its best.


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