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Comes in sizes L and XL (refers to the glove size and suit size)

Basic Safety Kit

If you are looking for peace-of-mind and protection when applying professional pest control products, then's Safety Kit is for you. This convenient safety kit includes 1 x pair of chemical-resistant Tyvek Coveralls (size L) that covers the body from the ankles all the way to the wrists and neck, 1 x pair of goggles, 3 x N95 particulate masks that filter out 95% of liquid aersols (water-based aerosol only) and insecticide dusts from the air, and 1 x pair of Nitrile chemical resistant gloves that cover up past the wrists. These products are used by pest control professionals and provide protection against most insecticide dusts and sprays.

Basic Safety Kit Contains:

1 x Tyvek Coveralls chemical resistant suit. Covers from the ankles to the wrists.

1 x Goggles -Protection against dust and overspray getting into the eyes.

3 x N95 Masks that filter 95% of water-based aerosol particles and 95% of dust particles in the air. Does not protect against fogging and oil-based aerosols or sprays!

1 x Pair of Nitrile Chemical resistant Gloves

Note: Each coverall suit comes with shoe covers that are attached to the suit. Image differs from actual product.