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Brand: AstralPool

Astral Pool Underwater LED lighting have a service life of 100.000 hours as opposed to 1.000 hours for conventional lamps and each LED spotlight saves upwards of 90% in power consumption. The LED light incorporates LEDs of maximum luminosity in red, blue and green. The combination of these basic colors results in an infinity of different colors, all very bright and vivid.

LumiPlus Design is a new lighting solution focused on innovative design, high quality and made with more efficient LED technology. LumiPlus Design is available in RGB, White and RGB-DMX, compatible with all LumiPlus control systems Eco, Top, DMX and LED APP. LumiPlus Design is supplied with a replaceable cable of 2 wires and a length of 2, 5 m. LumiPlus DESIGN are the first underwater lights made by IMD technology and are offered with finishes Pured Inox Effect. Niche must be purchased separtely.


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