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Brand: AstralPool

Astral Pool Underwater LED lighting have a service life of 100.000 hours as opposed to 1.000 hours for conventional lamps and each LED spotlight saves upwards of 90% in power consumption. The LED light incorporates LEDs of maximum luminosity in red, blue and green. The combination of these basic colors results in an infinity of different colors, all very bright and vivid.

LumiPlus Rapid is a new range of projectors 1.11. The uniqueness lies in the easy assembly in the pool because of the connection nozzles 1″1/2.

With a slimline front which provides an integrated design for the pool. The 62395 Adapters can also be connected to conduits size 59.3 mm or thread 2″ and Ø63 tubes both PN 6 and PN 10. You can also install using niches Lumiplus Mini Quick Coupling (for concrete pools or liner).

The RGB model is compatible with LumiPlus, Eco, Top LED and LumiPlus APP controls. The model is compatible with the Motion Control Lumiplus.

To illuminate a pool correctly it is recommended installing a Projector Lumiplus 1.11 every 20 m2 of water surface. Recommendation applies to pools with light colors. In pools of dark colors or stainless steel it is recommended to use more projectors per m2.

The projector must be always be submerged in water



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