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Brand: bmSOLUTION®

Packing: 30kg / carboy

ML 138 is a liquid blend of bisulfate to remove Free Chlorine residual in RO feed water. Even very low levels of chlorine in the feed stream will result in irreparable oxidation damage of the membrane. Therefore, operators should ensure that oxidants do not enter the RO system. ML 138 is not stable to air and reacts with oxygen as well as chlorine. Therefore it is recommended that the solution is properly capped.

Appearance : Clear to pale color liquid, sharp odor
Specific Gravity : 1.3 – 1.4
pH : 3.8 – 4.6
Flash Point : None


ML 138 is recommended to feed continuously as neat or diluted solution far enough upstream of the RO elements to ensure at least 20 seconds of reaction time. Proper in-line mixing is recommended which preferably includes a static mixer.

Dosage and Control

Treatment dosage will depend on the dissolved oxygen content in the feed water and sulfite residual desired in the boiler. Our representative will provides you with proper control requirements for your specific application.

Handling Procedure

Wear safety face shields or goggles, rubber gloves, long pants and long sleeve shirt when handling.