Algen-Ex Algaecide


Product Code: CHE1041

Brand: Chemoform (Product of Germany)

Packing: 30kg / Drum

Our Algae Ex helps against algae in swimming pool water. It is a liquid, chlorine-free, low-foaming algae protection agent. PH-neutral and odorless. Water compatible with all usual water care products.

Scope of application: 

  • With the addition of an algaecide, you effectively prevent algae formation in the swimming pool. However, the use of an algae protectant does not replace the addition of a disinfectant such as chlorine or oxygen. But can reduce its use.
  • Ideal pH 7.0-7.6


  • After the basic cleaning, inject the basin, especially the edges and joints, with a 20% algae ex solution.
  • Basic dosing: 100 ml per 10 m³ of pool water
  • Additional dosage: 14-day 100 ml
  • Strong bathing, high temperatures and rainfall may require a higher dosage. Algae-Ex dilute only in the water! Then pour slowly along the pool edge into the water.
  • For impact treatment: 250 ml per 10 m³ pool water, if algae are present.
  • Do notuse Algae-Ex in fish ponds!