KWIK Composter Accelerator is a compact OWC with heaters. Using the same compost chemistry of Aerobic Composting, KCA is a much affordable solution for sectors in which space and composting time is a major constraint. Composting happens much faster than its counterparts. Operating costs are lower than other heater based systems.



• Low space required as compared to other machines

• Less electricity consumption as compared to other heater based machines

• 24 hours composting process and compost output have to collect every 7 days batch

• Automatic agitation unit

• No Smell ( deodorizing system )

• VFD for smooth operations 

• HMI + PLC for premium models

• PLC controls the machine operation automatically. It shows various parameters and gives the cycle report

• It has emergency stop button. This is a push and realease button and used in case of any abnormality , to avoid accidents.

• It has data back up facility. Every day, machine takes data through LAN/WIFI/USB connection

• Direct acting heating element with power saving mode