SUEZPure Water Spiral Membrane

SUEZPure Water Spiral Membrane

Operate at high efficiency with purified water from virtually any source

SUEZ spiral wound membrane elements purify water for drinking water, boiler feedwater, seawater desalination, rinse water, and water reuse. These highly efficient membranes produce high-quality product water from virtually any source including surface water, tap water, well water or seawater.



For steam turbine applications, the development of modern, high-efficiency steam turbines has led to an increase in deposition, erosion, and corrosion problems. Close tolerances in the turbines, the use of high-strength steels, and impure steam all contribute to these conditions. Maximize performance and protect assets using SUEZ's High Rejection AG-HR Series membranes.

Pure Water Membranes Features

World-class spiral wound membranes and state-of-the-art depth filtration products create unprecedented performance and protection. When used in combination with the ROSave.Z depth filter with patented Z.Plex* technology, you have outstanding protection for your pure water elements. Using SUEZ filters in combination with SUEZ membranes assures that membrane equipment will operate at optimum performance and provide you with:

  • Improved operations
  • Better environmental compliance
  • Increased water reuse
  • Lower maintenance costs

 Spiral Membrane

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